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Stories from the Elders

So, in order to make it easier to be an Elder, we should have a kind of database for all of their stories.Otherwise, we'd have to make up new stories each time we did the whole Kits + Elders business. Just copy + paste whichever stories you want to tell from here into GladeClan and/or RootClan. So I'll post the two stories I've had Nala tell to some of the kits as the first two entries. 

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Once upon a time, there was nothing but the Sun and all the stars in the sky, shining down on the land below and all of its lesser creatures. One day, Sun said, "The world needs a creature that is smart, cunning, mysterious, and in all ways superior to the other creatures." The stars all agreed, and then they said, "We'll make it ourselves, and it will outshine all of the other creatures in the land." So the stars set to work with their new animal. The stars out themselves into their animals. The stars decided that at some point or another, they would all come down to the land below and be this creature.Finally, after months of work, they finally had made themselves into this wonderful animal. "How is this, Sun?" they asked. "It is perfect," the Sun replied, "Just what we needed." The Sun and the stars named these animals "Cats" and made sure that they had a good start on the earth. In the end, everything worked out. Cats have lived in the land ever since, and because the stars went into the making of us, that is why we all go back into our place in the stars, in our StarClan, when we die. 


Once upon a time, in the legendary LionClan, there lived a brave warrior, by the name of Blazeheart. He followed the noble warrior code, and all of the she-cats absolutely adored him, with the exception of one she-cat, Dreamleaf. The problem was, Blazeheart had eyes only for her. *_____ preceded to explain to the kits that "having eyes for only her" meant that he loved her, and only her* Blazeheart decided that he needed to impress her, and then surely she would love him back. So he would go on every patrol he could, checking the borders with the most care, and caution; and always catching the most prey and all of the biggest prey. He got praise from his other clanmates, but nothing from Dreamleaf. No matter what he did, he couldn't get her to notice him. Finally, Blazeheart went over to her and asked her, "Dreamleaf, I've been the most noble of all our clanmates and caught the most prey. But, yet, you still don't talk to me. Surely this must impress you. I love you, and want you to love me too." Dreamleaf laughed, and told him, "Just because you are the most handsome, and the most well liked cat in this clan by the she-cats, that doesn't necessarily mean that I must love you. You are a wonderful cat, Blazeheart, but there will never be any way for me to love you. You seem to be forgetting the fact that I am a medicine cat, Blazeheart. And I believe that you know I can't take a mate even if I wanted to. I hope you can understand Blazeheart. But I must follow the warrior code." Blazeheart slumped. "I just, I thought you might stop being a medicine cat, for me; for us." He stammered. "But Blazeheart, the clan needs me. The Warrior Code comes before all else, Blazeheart." "Alright. I guess I understand, Dreamleaf. But I wish you'd reconsider."

Blazeheart went on to become Blazestar, the leader of LionClan, and he, alongside Dreamleaf ran the Clan. He never took a mate, and pined for Dreamleaf, but kept quiet about it. He died at the height of his leadership, in a horrible battle against TigerClan. When Dreamleaf found out, she wept, because she had loved him too. But she saw him again in her dreams, and when she died, they were reunited in StarClan, where they became mates, like they'd always wished they could. In the end, they lived happily ever after.

The moral of the story is that if you follow the Warrior Code, StarClan will reward you for being noble.


Once, in a land not far from here, two cats lived together happily. Their names were Lupinebloom and Starsong, and they were sisters. One day, a handsome tom named Flintstar was passing through the forest where they lived. He said to the she-cats, "You look like two nice, and impressionable she-cats. What are you doing living all alone out here?" Starsong told him, "We were born and raised here. Why would we need to go anywhere else? There'd be no point." Flintstar told the she-cats, "You know what, there is a great reason to leave. I am building a clan with the help of my ancestors. I have a way of communicating with them through the stars. We will rule the forest where we're going to settle. No other cats will stand in our way, it can be the three of us, in charge. What do you say?" Starsong wasn't so sure about it, "Flintstar, I'm going to need some proof of these 'ancestors' of yours. Prove to me that they exist, and we'll both follow you and be a part of your clan." Lupinebloom was quick to agree with her sister. Flintstar agreed to show them his guides, and led them down to a small creek that was located not too far away.

"Here it is, you lap the water, and you'll quickly fall asleep. Then you'll get a dream from StarClan, which is what they're called." "Alright," Starsong replied. Lupinebloom lapped up some water and soon fell asleep. Starsong watched, and then did the same. Soon, she received a dream. A grey cat with deep green eyes greeted her. "Hello, young warrior--" "Warrior? I'm no warrior. I'm just a cat." Starsong hotly said to the cat. "Fine, you may not be, but you're here all the same to learn about clan life. Your friend Flintstar has been chosen by our esteemed ancestors to be the leader of a new clan. The members of the clan will be called warriors and they'll all follow the warrior code. They all work together in harmony to live, raise families, protect each other from predators, and live a balanced life. Does this not sound appealing to you?" "Well, I guess it does," said Starsong. "Then go to Flintstar. Tell him you wish to start this clan with him. Those of us here in StarClan appreciate it." Her dream faded out, and Starsong was left facing Lupinebloom and Flintstar. "I guess we will join your clan. The ancestor told me about clan life, and it sounds like something I'd like to be a part of." "I'm glad we see eye to eye," he said, "Now let's get going." The three cats journeyed for days until they found a dense forest. They wandered in, and found a sort of clearing under the tree-tops. Surrounding it were some hollowed out trees and a small cave. "This looks perfect," Flintstar murmured. "Yes, it does. We can start the clan here," said Starsong. 

Many moons later, the camp was bustling with warriors. There were queens in the nursery, and apprentices ready for training. Everything was going perfectly for the clan. News had gotten out quickly in the beginning of the clan, and warrriors had flocked to the camp. Now, everyone was settled in and used to the clan life. Starsong lived happily in the clan with her sister and Flintstar, who was now her mate. Lupinebloom had recently kitted, but she wouldn't say who the father was.

Starsong padded over to Flintstar, hoping to talk with him. "Hello, Flintstar." Flintstar looked up. "Oh, it's you Starsong. I was just thinking about these strange dreams I've been having. Some new ancestors have shown up, telling of a new clan in the forest." "Are we going to tell the clan about them?" Starsong interrupted. "No, no. There's no need to worry them. But we should be alert. These cats say that the clan was not originally called for, and the ancestors that we know of are being secretive. Last night, one ancestor who was darker and dimmer than the rest told me to go past the abandoned two-leg nest to the well, and to lap up some of the water there. I went there in the dead of the night and when I got back, I received a dream from a darker part of StarClan. They told me that the strongest members of the clan must be stronger, including me. I saw a few other clanmates meeting with some of the other ancestors in this part of the forest too. They were training, and I think it'll be a good idea to have all of the warriors doing this. It's helpful for everyone to be training even in their sleep, don't you think?" Starsong shrugged. "I guess. But it is from the ancestors, so we can trust their opinions and their motives." "I'm glad you agree with me, Starsong. I knew that we'd see eye to eye again." Starsong affectionately nuzzled his shoulder, and then padded off. 

Six moons passed, and suddenly, almost every warrior and apprentice went to the newly named "Dark Forest" to train. Everyone became much more fine tuned into hunting and fighting. But their original StarClan helped them less and less, which Starsong and Flintstar found strange. Starsong never actually started training in the Dark Forest, because she was with kits. She had moved into the Nursery with the other Queens, and Flintstar at first was very attentive, but soon became more distracted during his visits. He started paying a lot more attention to how the clan was improving in skill, critiquing every little detail during patrols. When Starsong kitted, two moons later, Flintstar wasn't even in the camp. He was out on patrol, and when he heard, he was dismissive. Starsong chose her kits' names on her own, without any input from Flintstar. She named the tom Shoalkit, and the she-cat Firekit for her bright red pelt. Firekit seemed to be just like her father, while Shoalkit was like her. Starsong loved them both dearly, and Flintstar did too, but from afar.

When the kits were two moons old, a fox came into the Camp and started attacking the cats. There were only a few queens and their kits in the camp at that point in the day, for everyone else was out on a patrol. Starsong fiercely protected her kits, and attacked the fox, but it knocked her down, and unfortunately she fell onto a rock which gave her a severe head injury . The other queens saw this, and presumed her dead due to the severity of the fall. Seeing that it'd better leave while it was ahead, the fox quickly dragged Starsong out of the camp for reasons unknown to the other queens. They could only watch in horror as it took her away. 

Sorry that I had to post this again, I don't remember where I put it the first time so I wanted to make sure that we didn't lose the story.


Once upon a time there was a she cat by the name of Tawnyclaw. She had everything a cat could ever want; a mate, three kits, and a happy life in her clan. But she found herself wanting something more. She wanted to be free to roam around the countryside, and not have to worry about being responsible. She started to think to herself, "I wish I could be free of this clan, and able to do whatever I wish to do in the wild!" She was laying in the nursery when she came to this conclusion. Her four little kits came up to her and started to pester her about going outside to explore. She sighed and turned to her oldest kit, Dawnkit. "Dawnkit, you know you aren't allowed outside yet, you all are too young. You would get lost and then hurt yourself." Dawnkit huffed at Tawnyclaw and said, "Well then why are you allowed out there? It's so not fair!" Dawnkit ran off to the other side of the nursery to pout while Fernkit and Leafkit, Tawnyclaw's next oldest kits, ran off after her. Tawnyclaw's youngest kit, Goldkit, started to ask her a question, "Momma, why do you always look ou-" At that moment, a pack of foxes burst into the camp, taking everyone by surprise. The foxes were too strong, and Tawnyclaw knew it. Her clanmates were dying, and Tawnyclaw knew that she and her kits would be discovered by the foxes soon. She turned to her four little kits, and yowled out, "RUN!" Tawnyclaw picked little Goldkit up and ran out of the den, with Dawnkit, Fernkit, and Leafkit in close pursuit. They burst out of the den in a hurry and escaped the camp. A few foxes saw this and started to chase them. They ran through the forest trying their hardest to escape the foxes. After a half hour the foxes seemed to have given up but Tawnyclaw knew that they had to keep running. When Tawnyclaw and her kits had run for a good hour, they stopped to rest nearby a roaring river. Tawnyclaw checked her kits for any injuries, and then did the same for herself. They were all unharmed which was a blessing. Dawnkit croaked out, "I'm so thirsty Momma... I need waterrr." Tawnyclaw nodded to her, "Yes you may get some from the river, but you MUST be careful!" Dawnkit scampered off to the river and took a tentative step into the river for a drink. She bent down and took a few gulps of water. She thought the water looked pretty, so elegant and smooth. It felt so nice on her hot pelt; she wanted to cool off in the river forever. She took another step into the river, and dunked her head under to cool it. It felt like a whole other world under there, and she wanted to explore in there some more. Completely disregarding her mother, Dawnkit swam out into the middle of the river to try to float lazily along the river. This was her mistake, because the river was much less calm there. It sucked her under, and she no longer found it fun. She broke the surface and yowled out, "MOMMA! HELPPPP!" She was sucked under again and she started to see spots. Tawnyclaw looked up to see that Dawnkit wasn't there and then she heard Dawnkit's cry. "Dawnkit! Don't worry! I'm coming!" But by then it was too late. Dawnkit had been under the water for too long and when Tawnyclaw got to her there was nothing she could do anymore. Dawnkit was blue with cold and her eyes would forever more be closed. Tawnyclaw yowled out in grief, "NOOOO!" She started sobbing for her poor kit, as her other kits came over to see what was wrong. "Momma why is Dawnkit all blue? Why is she sleeping?" asked Leafkit. Tawnyclaw replied, "


Oh right I never finished that! I'll work on it more later

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