Ashbloom is a deceased Queen of GladeClan.

Female bengal cat outdoor
Vital statistics
Name Ashbloom
Rank Queen
Alias Flower, Ashpaw
Affiliation GladeClan
Gender Female
Description Striped/spotted grey she-cat with green eyes
Family Tangledfern (Mother), Stonewhisker (Mate), Darkpaw (Son)
Personality Motherly to all and helpful before harmful
Status Dead
First Appearance Joined during Timeskip



Ashbloom, first born as Flower, entered life as a rogue just like her mother and the rest of their group. She saw how her mother struggled with feeding them both, and did her best to help. Through her (failed) hunting escapades she met Ranger, another rogue similar to her age. They formed a vague friendship before her mother, Chance, made the decision of joining a clan, thus leaving the rogue life behind with the mother and daughter becoming Tangledfern and Ashpaw.

When she discovered Ranger as a warrior, she pleaded to let him join GladeClan, recalling their friendship from before. The clan accepted and she was overjoyed to see him again. Both of them, now Ashbloom and Stonewhisker (unlike the first time they met), became mates and soon she was expecting kits. She struggled through the birth and survived, through willpower alone, to name the tom Darkkit before she was in StarClan.

Roleplay Edit

She has made no appearances so far.


She was diligent in both her work and in caring for others. From her time as a rogue, Ashbloom had a desire to assist her mother, and that trait carried on long after she was a kit. She could be very fussy at times, but it was usually for a good reason and for someone's wellbeing.


Stonewhisker Edit

They had a friendship in pieces, but were loyal mates once together. Stonewhisker was the one to usually be fussed over, but he didn't mind and Ashbloom loved having someone to care about/for.

Tangledfern Edit

Ashbloom dedicated herself to helping her mother, and tried her best to appease the older she-cat. Little did she know, her mother thought her perfect already, and her favorite pastime was simply to have deep conversations with her daughter.

Darkpaw Edit

She knew her son only for a moment but loved him immediately.


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