The Assesment Clearing article refers to a feature or area that is no longer on GladeClan.

The Assesment Clearing is a territory of GladeClan.

Assesment Clearing
Area Profile
Name Assesment Clearing
Roleplay Area? Yes
Dwellers GladeClan
Environment Wooded Clearing
Territory? Yes
Entrances Training Hollow, West Woods


A lightly forested clearing home to much prey. There was a hollow stump in one area home to many unneeded herbs.


The Assesment Clearing was made exclusively for the use of Assesments.


  • The Assesment Clearing was removed December 28, 2012 after the consensus that they were slowing apprentices maturation.
  • This area was not well-used. Only three cats have ever visited it: Lightningclaw, Beetlebranch, and Blizzardwind.

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