The Basking Rocks article refers to a feature or area that is no longer on GladeClan.

The Basking Rocks is a territory of GladeClan.

Basking Rocks
Area Profile
Name Basking Rocks
Roleplay Area? Yes
Dwellers GladeClan
Environment Clearing of Warm Rocks
Territory? Yes
Entrances River, East Forest


A clearing of rocks warmed by the sun. This area also happens to hold many snakes, flowers, and mice.


The Basking Rocks were the former area of relaxation in GladeClan, before the discovery of poisonous snakes.


  • The Basking Rocks were removed from GladeClan December 29, 2012...a day after new Basking rocks were added to the Main Clearing.
  • This area was not commonly used before its closure.

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