Blizzardwind is a current Warrior of StarClan.

Vital statistics
Name Blizzardwind
Rank Warrior
Alias Blizzardkit, Blizzardpaw
Affiliation StarClan; GladeClan
Gender Male
Description White tom
Family Moonfur (Mother) Lionstar (Father) Lillyleaf Beetlebranch (Littermates)
Personality Quiet and Clumsy
Status Dead
First Appearance Clanborn During RP



Blizzardwind was always the shyest of Lionstar's four kits. Constantly bullied by Beetlekit, Blizzardkit deeply admired his father, Lionstar, and believed himself inferior in every way to him. However, he still managed to enjoy playing with his peers and was one of the cats caught in the Great Storm. His insecurities worsened when Lionstar perished in the battle against the foxes, and his mother left the Clan.

Eventually, Blizzardwind discovered he was a part of the prophecy. Alongside Petalstar, Snowfire, and Lillyleaf, he ended the battle against RootClan. Blizzardwind singlehandedly destroyed the well of the Dark Forest, overocming his fears and becoming deputy to Petalstar.

Blizzardwind somehow died in the lost 30 moons.




This Character is played by Lion.

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