Dustytree is a current Warrior of GladeClan.

Vital statistics
Name Dustytree
Rank Warrior
Alias Dust
Affiliation GladeClan
Gender Male
Description Golden tom with green eyes
Family Fernbreeze (Mate) Oakkit, Eveningkit, Rosekit, Ebonykit Kits
Personality Quiet, Strong
Status Alive
First Appearance Joined Mid-RP



Dust was a loner since birth, learning to scavenge prey in Twolegplaces and hunt mice in the wild. His life was alway's filled with one pupose- survive. However, this all changed when he met Evening, a kind loner. The two soon fell in love, and for the first time Dust had a purpose in life. This would not last. Evening died, taking their unborn kits with her. Dust became angry and isolated, picking a fight whenever he had the chance. Then, Dustytree found GladeClan. He reluctantly joined, and gradually began to fit in.


Dustytree quickly became a loyal addition to the clan. Soon he fell in love with Fernbreeze, who saw something more then the gruff exterior he allowed other to see. Soon the two were happily mated, and Fernbreeze had his kits.

Turning Point and Time Gone By Edit

Dustytree fought bravely in the war against the Dark Forest, and though his mate's sister died his entire family survived. However, during the lost 30 moons, Eveningkit has mysteriously perished, though Dustytree is now deputy and Fernbreeze an elder. He greets the returned Lionroar with distrust.


Dustytree is loyal and brave, but typically tends to act cynical and sarcastic. Despite his gruff exterior, he is very fond of kits.



Fernbreeze and Dustytree are deeply in love. Fernbreeze has deep sympathy for Dustytrees painful past of which she is the only confidant, and is very kind and gentle.


Dustytree and Cedarleaf happen to be best friends. They typically work together on organizing patrols, and enjoy hunting in each other's company.


Dustytree respects Rosepool's decision to be a medicine cat, and is always eager to stop by the den to see his little girl.


Dustytree is on very good terms with his son, who is his pride and joy.


Dustytree finds it difficult to interact with Ebonydust as she reminds him of Eveningpaw. However, they are healing.


Eveningpaw was named after Dustytree's dead mate, and her death scarred him deeply.



  • Dustytree was made by Hermione as a replacement for the deceased Lionstar.