Eveningkit is a current Kit of GladeClan.

Vital statistics
Name Eveningkit
Rank Kit
Alias None
Affiliation GladeClan
Gender Female
Description A slick raven she-cat with pale blue eyes
Family Fernbreeze (Mother), Dustytree (Father), Rosekit, Ebonykit, Oakkit (Littermates)
Personality Fiery, friendly (when she chooses to be), and stubborn
Status Alive
First Appearance Clanborn During RP



Eveningkit and Ebonykit have been close throughout their short lives. Eveningkit and Ebonykit don't particularly care for their other sister, Rosekit, as they think that she ruins their fun. Ebonykit and Eveningkit usually play together when they have the chance.


Eveningkit has a fiery personality. She can be a bit disrespectful of her elders at times, but she does it for attention. She's sassy at times, and she'll make you feel like you're part of the "in" crowd. Though, she can be stubborn, and usually gets her way.



Eveninkit and Ebonykit are both littermates, and best friends. They do almost everything together, and they both think that they're "all that" plus a piece of fresh-kill.


This Character is played by Gold.

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