Fernbreeze is a current Queen of GladeClan

Vital statistics
Name Fernbreeze
Rank Warrior
Alias Fern
Affiliation GladeClan
Gender female
Description Dark brown she-cat with icy-blue eyes
Family Dustytree (Mate), Goldleaf (Sister), Rosekit, Ebonykit, Oakkit, Eveningkit (Kits)
Personality Friendly, Kind, Optimistic
Status Alive
First Appearance Joined Clan during RP



Born to Silver and Tree, and originally named "Fern". Her littermate was "Goldie" (Goldleaf). Six moons after her kitting, her parents left, and she and Goldie had to fend for themselves. They got separated during a storm, and Fern then lived by herself for about twelve moons in a make-shift shelter. One day, a passing loner told her about a group of cats living together in harmony. She jumped at the chance to be in a group, and ended up joining GladeClan, and taking the name Fernbreeze. She now lives there happily with her mate, Dustytree and her sister Goldleaf.


Since becoming part of GladeClan, she made her bond with Goldleaf even stronger than it was before. Fernbreeze also met Dustytree, and the two have been inseparable since their meeting. She recently had Dustytree's kits; Rosekit, Eveningkit, Oakkit, and Ebonykit.


Fernbreeze always has a sunny mood about her, and can put just about anyone in a good mood. 



Fernbreeze and Dustytree  are deeply in love. Fernbreeze has deep sympathy for Dustytree'painful past of which she is the only confidant, and is very kind and gentle. 


She and Pebblestar share the daily responsibility of raising their kits. They have come to become good friends during this period of time.


  • She tied for 9th place in the Ultimate GladeClan Warrior Challonge

This Character is played by Gold.

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