Lionroar is a current warrior of GladeClan.

Vital statistics
Name Lionroar
Rank Warrior
Alias Lionkit; Lionpaw; Lion;
Affiliation GladeClan
Gender Male
Description Golden and White Tom with Blue Eyes
Family Pebblestar (Mother) Cedarleaf (Father) Eaglekit Pondkit (Littermate)
Personality Mysterious and Quiet; Formerly Energetic and Sweet
Status Alive
First Appearance Clanborn During RP



Lionstar was a sweet kit, very eneergetic. As he grew up, however, he began to have horrible nightmares, leading him to act a little bit more pessimistic. As an apprentice, he was mentored by the future leader and savior of the Clans, Petalstorm. During the Turning Point, Lionpaw made a fateful prmise to the Ghost.

The Lost MoonsEdit

During the lost thirty moons, unknown circumstances lead to Lionroar departing GladeClan for life as a rogue. It may or may not have been spurred by the death of Lionroar's littermate and playmate, Eaglewing.

Time Gone ByEdit

Lionroar has returned to GladeClan.


Lionroar is brave and solemn. Many who knew him as a kit or apprentice feel alienated from him after he lost his optimism.



Petalstar is not sure what to make of her former apprentice after such a long absense. She respects and trusts Lionroar, but is wary of him.


Lionroar misses his brother, whom he once was best friends woth, and has sworn vengeance.


Dustytree no lonegr trusts Lionroar due to the events of the lost 30 moons.


Once Lionroar and Morningdew might have had something. Now, neither of them is sure.


This Character is played by Lion.

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