Moonfur is a former Warrior of GladeClan.

Vital statistics
Name Moonfur
Rank Warrior
Alias Rainy
Affiliation GladeClan
Gender Female
Description White she cat with gray specks and blue eyes.
Family Lionstar (Mate); Blizzardwind, Beetlebranchnch (Sons) Leafpaw, Lillyleaf (Daughters)
Personality She is kind and sweet but when anyone hurts her family, she gets really mad. She is really devoted to her clan.
Status Alive
First Appearance The Moon's Change


Pre- RoleplayEdit

Moonfur was a kittypet, who attempted to save her brother form being abducted by twolegs. She failed, but ended up in the GladeClan territory. Here, she joined the Clan, hoping for a new identity. Moonfur proved herself a valuable asset to the Clan, and eventually fell for and mated with Lionstar.


Moonfur was there for Lionstar upon his death, and was left to raise Leafkit, Lilykit, Blizzardkit, and Beetlekit by herself. She tried very hard to keep them safe, and almost had a heart attack when some went missing in the Great Storm.

Post- RoleplayEdit

Moonfur, tired of the constant danger her kits were in, finally elected to leave the Clan she loved for a bit. Of all her kits, Leafpaw was the only one to follow her into life as a loner.


Moonfur is kind, sweet, and trusting, and devoted to her Clan. She puts her family above all.



  • Moonfur basically vanished from existence after her RPer, Moon, dropped off the web. The bio you just read is the first attempt to justify her and Leafpaw's absense.

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