Secret Glade is an area made and/or used for a certain event on GladeClan.

The Secret Glade is a territory of GladeClan.

Secret Glade
Area Profile
Name Secret Glade
Roleplay Area? Yes
Dwellers GladeClan
Environment Snowy Clearing
Territory? Yes
Entrances Dark Cavern


A snowy area filled with stumps. It is located behind a steep slope, which is the Waterfall on the opposite side.


This area is great for feasts such as ThanksGlading, and is considered sacred. As such, Warriors are not permitted to hunt in this area.


  • This area was discovered by Beetlebranch, Birchtail, and Starseed.
  • The stumps are most likely remnants of a twoleg presence in GladeClan territories.

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