Tangledfern is a current Elder of GladeClan.

Vital statistics
Name Tangledfern
Rank Elder
Alias Chance
Affiliation GladeClan
Gender Female
Description Striped grey and brown she-cat with a lighter underbelly and green eyes
Family Ashbloom (Daughter)
Personality Just and noble, as well as courageous and confident enough to succeed without others
Status Alive
First Appearance Joined during Timeskip



Tangledfern was born in a loose group of rogues to the name Chance. For her first year of life she scrounged for food with the others, just barely managing to get by. She eventually had a litter with two kits, but she had to choose which to feed when she herself had little to eat. That kit she named Flower and the two lived this way for a few moons. Wanting a better life for Flower, the two joined GladeClan as a warrior and an apprentice, Tangledfern and Ashpaw.

When Ranger, renamed Stonewhisker, had arrived to GladeClan, she was suspicious about his intentions, recalling the selfish nature of the rogue group they had been a part of. Once she saw he truly loved Ashbloom, Tangledfern opened up, even becoming something like friends with him. The moment he left the clan she cursed his name, however, finding his retreat to be cowardly. She took it upon herself then to raise her daughter's kit.

Roleplay Edit


She has a rather developed sense of justice from her time as a rogue. Tangledfern only believes in honorable actions for the sake of others, as she found dislike in the selfish lives of the group. That experience also made Tangledfern largely independent and defiant to help, as well as giving her arrogance; the belief she's wise enough to always be right (she is wise, but how much she is can be debated).


Ashbloom Edit

Tangledfern loved her dearly and was quite protective. She knows Ashbloom did what she could and doesn't blame Darkpaw for her death, but she silently mourns everyday.

Stonewhisker Edit

They were once friendly, but his absence in the clan and in his son's life has ruined her opinion of him. She hopes to never see his face again.

Darkpaw Edit

She tries her best to mentor him so he's socially adept, but after a while she'll give up and scold him, sighing at his blunt behavior. Tangledfern does find quite a few of his quirks endearing, though, and there is no doubt that she cares for him.


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