The Waterfall is an area in the GladeClan territories.

Area Profile
Name Waterfall
Roleplay Area? Yes
Dwellers GladeClan
Environment Massive waterfall surrounded by forest, cave behind it
Territory? Yes
Entrances Refuge for the Storm, Dark Cavern, Central Glade


A picturesque Waterfall surrounded by by abundant plantlife, the Waterfall also holds a secret cave. Stones litter this area, both in the water and aroudn it.


The Waterfall provides a perfect spot for fishing and hunting, and is one of the few places where herbs such as Catmint are found.


  • The Waterfall is used many times for romantic scenes.
  • Snowfire fell through the ice here one Leaf-Bare.
  • The Waterfall switched places with the Training Hollow on the navigation to make room for the Refuge.

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